Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brings a Smile to My Face

Many things make me smile...being easily entertained has its benefits! I thought I'd share some of the things my patients have said or done that have made me smile...(forgive the disjointedness of this post)

When referring to his protruding stomach, one patient told me it was his "food blister" - I loved that!

We have a "coffee clutch" - a few women in one of our exercise classes that will exercise for about 20 minutes and then they sit in the back of the room and chat. They would love to get away with it for 30 minutes or longer except that I always go and break it up - I'm the "mean" staff person that makes the patients actually (gasp) exercise in the exercise class!! So the other day one of them told me that her daughter told her that since she is paying for the class, she should be able to sit and chat for as long as she wants!! Call me crazy but if you're paying for an exercise class, shouldn't you....exercise?

As a Personal Trainer/Exercise Physiologist, I think being slightly sadistic is a requirement. So I enjoy torturing helping my patients with new exercises. Some patients will adopt the new exercises into their routine with little or no complaining. However, I do have one patient who REALLY enjoys complaining about the new exercises. He will do them...and sometimes perform them in bad form so that I have to correct him before he injures himself. At which point he will loudly complain that I am just being mean!

That always bring a smile to my face!

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kharris said...

I always like an uplifting story about getting older! :)